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Network hardware for VPN, firewall, desktop, WiFi hotspot

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Updated: 2021-07-17

Short description of this page. Short description of this page. On-Prem Hardware for: VPN and firewall server as desktop or 19inch, mini-PC with dual nonitors, WLAN hotspot with access points and outdoor bridges.

On-Premises Hardware

Since 2007 we deliver WiFi hotspot solutions with bandwidth shaper as well as VPN servers for Windows clients. We want to use this competence further to equip your company with user friendly WiFi infrastructure for employees and visitors.
This hardware is tested for compatibility/stability with many Linux and BSD operating systems, suitable also for many open source projects.

As a Windows desktop solution for office or home office a MiniPC is used, with space saving table mount for 2 monitors, 22" - 27", see below.

VPN and Firewall Hardware

If you want to realize open source firewall solutions we offer router hardware with 3-8 network cards, 1 Gbit or 10 Gbit.
Many of our customers use this hardware to realize firewall security solution, VPN or radius server with captive portal.

The hardware we offer is tested for compatibility and TCP throughput after standard installation with the following operating systems: pfSense, OPNsense, IPfire, ClearOS and RouterOS. Further information for open source firewall comparison with TCP throughput VPN & Firewall Hardware.

Standard Firewall hardware is available as mini-PC (aluminum case) and rack version 19inch 1U.

Open Source Firewall Hardware - 19inch 1U and Desktop
Open Source Firewall Hardware - 19inch 1U and Desktop

Before you order the hardware, you have the possibility to configure it with more: RAM, CPU, hard drives, network cards... Further information: VPN & Firewall Hardware.

WiFi Hotspot - Accesspoints, Bridge

This offer is only for business customers who install and connect devices themselves. You will receive telephone or remote support for this.
If WiFi infrastructure is not available, we can estimate WiFi coverage together well, without a costly on-site measurement. Each building has its own characteristics, but for a rough planning you can take into account that for houses with a lot of concrete... Further information: WiFi solutions for business.

Digital workplace hardware

This mini-PC with dual monitors and a matching bracket looks tidy and is about the same cost as one 14"/15" laptop alone, with the same performance. There are other advantages
  • Costs more digital work space with approximately the same acquisition costs, further cost advantages when replacing components
  • Longevity component design, easy upgrade or replacement of monitor, hard drive, mainboard, CPU, fan in the event of a defect
  • Space-saving MiniPC (with dimensions 215x200x55 mm) does not take up its own work surface, optimal cleanliness / cable management with monitor holder above the desk
  • Comfort can be adjusted in height, distance, inclination, MiniPC with optimal cooling, hardly any noise, better integration with normal keyboard

Mini-PC head configurator

MiniPC with dual Monitor

You can configure this MiniPC with more memory, hard disk or CPU power before shipping...Further information: Digital Workplace - Hardware.

Microsoft 365 Support

Looking for more productivity and independence from classic LAN networks ?

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

From 3.81 EUR / mth.   Microsoft 365 Business Basic includes Office 365 web-apps: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive 1 TB

M365 Business Premium Nonprofit

From 0.99 EUR / mth.   M365 Business Premium Nonprofit (for charities and non-profit organisations) includes Microsoft 365 Business Standard and additionally: Windows 10 Business, AVD, AzureAD P1, Intune

Office 365 E1

From 6.09 EUR / mth.   Office 365 E1 includes Microsoft 365 Business Basic and is for more than 300 users, more functionality in Microsoft Stream and video recording

Office 365 E5

From 31.27 EUR / mth.   Office 365 E5 includes Office 365 E3 and additionally: Telephone system and audio conference, Cloud App Security, Threat Intelligence, eDiscovery, Stream P2

Microsoft 365 E3

From 28.75 EUR / mth.   Microsoft 365 E3 includes functions of: Office 365 E3 plus Windows 10 Enterprise E3 plus Enterprise Mobility + Security E3

Microsoft 365 free Consulting

From 0 EUR / h   Free consulting on the topics: Microsoft licenses and cost savings, modern and flexible workplaces, specifics of the customer network, recommendations for possible migration

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