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Azure Consulting & Support

You can rely on our expertise and transparency. This allows you to take over certain tasks and manage the cloud resources on your own.
Updated on: 2023-10-19

Azure comparison with AWS and GCP

Microsoft Azure integrates very well with Microsoft software products such as Active Directory, Windows Server and Office 365 Apps. It offers extensive hybrid cloud capabilities that enable companies to integrate their on-premises infrastructure with Azure resources.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leader in cloud computing, exists since 2006 and offers a mature and extensive service offering.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers the best services for Kubernetes (open source container orchestration) and a simple and transparent pricing model.

Azure offers 10 data centers in Europe, as many as GCP, AWS offers only 5.
The worldwide market shares according to Statista in Q4 2022 were: AWS 32 %, Azure 23 %, and GCP 10 %, see chart showing historical performance.

Cloud-computing infrastructur

Cloud-computing infrastructur
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Sylbek Cloud Support for Microsoft 365 und Azure

Azure Design & Security Consulting

Azure infrastructure planning

The infrastructure, consisting of computing, storage and networking, is the foundation for all Microsoft Azure solutions.

In the planning phase, in consultation with the customer, the infrastructure such as subneting, firewall, VPN are designed

The security of Azure resources plays a critical role in infrastructure planning. Most Azure resources need to be accessible only from your internal network and configured securely accordingly.

The experience with Azure resources and cost overview, allow us not always to follow the recommendations of Microsoft, since your needs and cost saving is our primary goal. Depending on the planned network size, this infrastructure is built in such a way that you save costs permanently.

Using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) provides access to company applications, but can also serve as an access gateway for other servers in your network. This allows you to avoid the need for Azure VPN Gateway and Azure Bastion.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

AVD is deployed in Azure Cloud as a virtual machine (VM) and comes with Windows 10/11 Enterprise multi-session capabilities. License costs are already included in several Microsoft 365 subscriptions, including Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

AD and AzureAD are supported, so users can log in as usual with the same credentials as Microsoft 365. Office 365 apps are also installed by default.

Compared to on-premises RDS server, there are the following advantages:
  • Higher security, Microsoft Gateway (PaaS), open RDP port not needed
  • Low cost, RDS CALs not required, Windows license included
  • Better flexibility so employees can connect from anywhere and different devices via the web
  • Better compatibility with apps that do not run on server versions, since it is Windows 10/11
  • Easier scalability, several VMs in the poolcan be used together (clustered) e.g. Mon-Fri 3 VMs, on weekends only one VM
  • VPN is no longer necessary, MFA available...more information

Consulting & Support

We support you in migrating your on-premises servers and applications to Microsoft Azure. In addition to servers hosted in HyPer-V and VMware, physical machines can also be converted to Azure VM.

When you contact us, digital collaboration and communication will be a part of our service. You can expect competence, transparency and willingness to share tips free of charge.

You can also find these features on this hompage including: License Pricing, Consulting Pricing, Free Mini Concepts and Blog Support Posts to optimize your resources and costs.

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We would be happy if you pick a time (right here) and arrange a free online meeting with us via Microsoft Teams. For example, we can discuss how you can optimise your M365 licenses and reduce costs.

Customer support
We are here to help you with any questions you may have about Microsoft 365 and Azure. You can count on our support at fair prices in the range of 70-90 EUR per hour. We can use your ticket system or our support Jira ServiceDesk, see sample ticket.

You will be supported by security experts who continuously update their Microsoft skills and prove them with manufacturer certificates. This is a MUST for us to keep customer support at the highest level and up to date with the latest technology.

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