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IT support for productive and digital working (remote)

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Updated: 2022-04-17

Short description of this page. Short description of this page. We support you in digital transformation through the secure use of cloud computing technology. In doing so, we want to increase flexibility, cost savings, employee productivity and satisfaction.

Thinking and working digitally

Many companies have a lot of catching up to do in terms of digitalisation. We need quick decisions and great efforts to remain competitive.

The goal is:
  • Internal departmental processes should be automated by software, for example, via a ticket system
  • For internal communication, messages and data are to be summarized and exchanged according to topics and teams
  • Set on effective and digital communication between employees and customers
  • etc.

 Eventually before:
  • Classify data to make it available in cloud storage, for employees and customers
  • Build internal competencies, or buy external support in migration of data and identities
  • Transform forms that were previously printed into digital formats and preferably simplify and update them
  • etc.

So there is a lot to do

We see our role to support you in this transformation, through the secure use of cloud computing technology. In doing so, we want to increase flexibility, cost savings, employee productivity and satisfaction.

Digital Workplace
then we start right away

 Microsoft Office 365 plans comparison

Support and service for companies

Higher productivity, know future costs, thus savings potential possible
Especially for small and medium-sized companies, cloud computing technology improves the competitive conditions. Regardless of the number of employees, every company has access to this advanced technology, and the costs remain provable even if the in the number of employees change.
All you need is an internet connection. The monthly costs are often in the range of a cup of coffee, for example Microsoft 365 Business Basic is available from 3.81 EUR.

Good working technology may be more important to employees than salary
Well-functioning technology has always been important, but since the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become even more important to maintain collaborative work and digital communications. Add to that the desire for flexibility in working hours and remote working.
The best and easiest way to achieve this is through the secure use of cloud technologies.

Employees working from office or remote have the same work tools at their disposal
If employees have the same digital tools at their disposal whether they work in a company office or home office, productivity should remain the same. This can even reduce IT support costs if your company downsizes or eliminates on-premises infrastructure.
If you're worried about qualified IT staff, maybe with 10h per month Sylbek support can permanently solve your resource bottleneck, so your technician can do the rest, see FAQ.

Expert support for secure configuration of data, users, devices and apps in the cloud
We care for the security of data, users, devices and apps by keeping you up to date with the latest technology. You are looked after by security experts, for which knowledge is constantly acquired and proven by manufacturer certificates, see About Us.
Through oue support in deployment of SaaS services, data security and identity protection can be increased in terms of zero-trust-strategy (believe nothing unchecked), despite lack of VPN and central firewall.

Free initial consultation, Microsoft Office 365, licensing costs, migration, security
If you contact us, you can expect a partnership exchange about your individual needs. You'll get an overview of SaaS applications Microsoft 365 (includes Office 365) scope and licensing costs, if desired about Google Workspace.
The specifics of your existing on-premises network will be discussed and considered, important for a possible migration of users and data.
Such meeting usually takes about 1h via video telephony, technically it goes straight to the matter.
For your questions schedule an appointment with us via Microsoft Teams. For customer support we use Jira ServiceDesk, see an example ticket. You are welcome to call or write us using Contact.