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Relocation to Karlsruhe, Stutensee

Category: InformationAuthor: 2016-08-16
Relocation to Karlsruhe, Stutensee
Photo: Wikipedia/Carsten Naber
After 13 years in Frankenthal (Pfalz) we moved to Stutensee near Karlsruhe on the 1st of August 2016. Phone and exact address can be found under Contact.

Puuuuh it was a lot to do, but it was worth it, especially because you have to part with many old things.
Now we have much more options to adapt the work environment to our needs.

There are still some retail ITX-motherboards
, ITX-enclosures, routers, access points ..
Unfortunately, many of these goods did not convince.
I have to say that we have to buy many unique pieces to create a product. Sometimes it does not work.
Often are compatibility issues or performance etc.

We have lots of plugs and coax connectors from what we would like to sell for some euros are donate them, so please write us if are needed.