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Fanless Laptop and miniPC for digital workplace

Buy or rent fanless laptops for cloud apps or fanless miniPCs for office and home office with two monitors for about the same price as a laptop (same performance).
Updated on: 2024-06-13

Fanless Laptop for Cloud Apps

When it comes to working anywhere, traveling, working from the sofa or from the garden, the laptop is necessary. That's why it was invented in the first place, to allow people to take their computer with them wherever they go.

On the home office desk, 1 or 2 monitors are needed for ergonomic and effective work.

If we assume that your company has already established a modern workplace and especially uses Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365, then a laptop with higher performance is not needed.

Using a fanless Chromebook or a Windows 10/10 Starter or Pro version provides the following benefits:
  • Lower purchase costs
  • Low support costs and better security, as almost no apps are installed locally
  • Quiet (fanless) and durable
  • Less energy consumption, better battery performance (sustainability)

Acer fanless Chromebook for Windows 365/AVD

Fanless miniPC

A MiniPC with dual monitors and matching mount is usually better solution for home office desk, looks tidy and has about the same cost as a 14"/15" Laptop alone, with the same performance. There are other advantages over laptop:
  • Cost, more digital workspace, without docking station 2 monitors connectable
  • Durability, component construction, easy upgrade, replace monitor, hard disks, mainboard, CPU, fan in case of defect
  • Space-saving, MiniPC does not take away its own work space, optimal cleanliness / cable management with fastening above the desk
  • Comfort, highly customizable in height, distance, tilt, better cable management and integration with normal keyboard

It can often be observed that a laptop (closed) is connected to 2 larger monitors via docking station, but there is hardly any free space on an actually large table because of the many cables and devices on it.

The measurements show that MiniPCs with an external power supply, do not consume more power for the same performance, and there is no power loss due to battery charging. In terms of carbon footprint, notebooks use around 45% more CO2 than mini-PCs, according to the German Federal Environment study.

The flexible bracket enables easy assembly for 2 monitors 22" - 27" and 1x MiniPC. We have thought of a tidy cable run and fastening. Existing monitor holder can hold 2 monitors 24" in a stable manner, without screwing.

You can configure this MiniPC with more memory, hard disk or CPU performance before delivery.

Fanless miniPC

Holder for fanless miniPC and 2 monitors

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