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pfSense hardware router for VPN, firewall

Although pfSense can be virtualized like an ordinary operating system, a 'real firewall' should always run on physical hardware, as network performance makes the difference. See below our hardware recommendation for pfSense.

pfSense hardware Recommendation

The following overview shows pfSense minimum requirements which are nowadays only recommended in a test environment. For a productive deployment you better follow our hardware recommendation for pfSense.

For exact sizing of pfSense hardware depending on your individual requirements please contact us, we will find the right hardware for you.

pfSense hardware

Recommendation (2022)
CPU1.5 GHz multi core, 64-bit
Hard disk120 GB SSD
Network3x Gigabit Ethernet

Minimum requirements (not officially)
CPU1 GHz 64-bit
Hard disk10 GB
Network2x Ethernet

Hardware configuration and prices

The hardware we provide is tested with pfSense. The table shows the measured TCP throughput, with associated CPU and network card after the default installation.

Before you order the hardware, you can configure it with more: RAM, CPU, hard drives, network cards, etc. For your questions, for a test unit for compatibility/performance, or for a custom PDF quote write to us.
SBR234 configurator
Throughput950 Mbit
CPUIntel J4005
Network adapterIntel 82576
SBR741 configurator
Throughput9.36 Gbit
CPUIntel G6400
Network adapterIntel X550-T2
SBR706 configurator
Throughput9.40 Gbit
CPUIntel E3-1220V3
Network adapterIntel X550-T2

Updated on: 2022-09-24

pfSense software

pfSense is a firewall distribution based on the FreeBSD operating system and the package filter pf of OpenBSD. pfSense is a free firewall distribution based on the FreeBSD operating system, which was specially developed for use as a firewall and router. It is managed completely via the web interface.

FreeBSD itself is an operating system for a variety of platforms that focuses on functionality, speed and stability. pfSense is very robust, supports numerous functions for router/firewall among other load-balancing & failover.

Hardware for pfSense

The hardware we offer is tested with pfSense for compatibility and TCP throughput. The table above shows the measured TCP throughput after the default installation.

pfSense can be installed on any compatible hardware by the customer. The hardware with usual UEFI BIOS can boot over the network or from a USB stick.

In standard Firewall hardware is available as mini PC (aluminum case) and rack version 19 inch 1U , see pictures.

pfSense Router Appliance - Mini-PC

Mini-PC für Open Source Firewall full aluminum case 211x254x86mm

pfSense Router Appliance - 19inch 2U

2x Server in 19inch 2U Rack 483x300x88mm, very quiet

pfSense Router Appliance- 19inch 1U

19inch 1U Server 483x250x44mm for Open Source Firewall

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