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Jira Sevice Desk is a web-based help desk software that you use to manage inquiries for your customer service. With such information available in the form of tickets, companies can react faster and more effectively to customer inquiries.
These requests via Jira Sevice Desk can be sent by employees as well as external customers. A support employee or the agent in Jira Sevice Desk processes the requests according to priorities, depending on the content or agreement with customers.

The customer who sends the request receives an overview of the tickets he has sent himself or if so set, from other colleagues in his own company. The customer can follow the progress of his request via browser, and if there are changes he will receive a message by email.

Support employees receive an overview of the current inquiries or support tickets in an web interface.
These tickets can be structured according to the customer, the type of request and processed depending on service level agreements (SLA). Customer can check this in real time, complete information, insert screenshots.

Service Desk offer can be completed with Jira Confluence, so that the customer can find the information for frequently asked questions (FAQ) independently and does not have to create a ticket, thus saving support costs. Jira Confluence also serves as an internal knowledge database.

Service Desk and Confluence pricing, free of charge?

This is possible with up to 3 agents (support staff), with any number of customers. Confluence is also free for up to 10 employees. See Jira cloud calculator.

Jira Service Desk (soon Service Management) - Free Plan

Jira Service Desk cost
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How to test and order the product

We use Jira Sevice Desk for our customer support. Anyone can send us an inquiry through this. In order to make an inquiry you need to register with your email address, which will be verified.
This registration effort is one-time. After that, communication is effective, transparent and looks confidential. You have the option to choose between 4 subject areas, so your request will be processed faster.

Write us via Jira ServiceDesk, an efficient and transparent method for customer support, see a an example ticket. You are welcome to write us an email or use Contact.